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Paul Lambert



Thirty five years ago, I was headed to Costa Rica for a two week, fun filled vacation. At the time, American and Canadian tourists were only just beginning to visit and explore the wonderful place that Costa Rica is today.
Tempted by the awesome nature and friendly people, I found myself staying and eventually working here. I married a terrific "Tica" girl, had two beautiful children and built my life around what Costa rica has to offer. Deep sea fishing provided our living up until my eventual move back into the world of real estate. 

Fifteen years ago, I was one of the first Entrepreneurs to establish myself as a Real Estate agent/broker in Manuel Antonio and Latitude 9 Realty was born. Since then, Latitude 9 and its agents have helped hundreds of individuals and families find thier "piece" of Costa Rica. Through hundreds of real estate transactions, I have acquired irreplaceable knowledge and experience. That unique experience helps me guide, inform and negotiate for our clients, like nobody else can. 

Additionally, I grew up in a family of independent, General Contractors, so building and developing is in my blood. Early work in the U.S. and Canada helped me acquire important know-how in construction, land development, commercial development and tourism development. 

If you have question of any kind related to Real Estate, Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio and/or questions related to buying property or homes in any area of Costa Rica, please feel free to give me a call. I'll be more than happy to spend the time needed to convince you why our area of Costa Rica is so special. I'm here to provide you with local insight and unique expertise that will ensure you a satisfied purchase of your Costa Rican dream. Give me a call......