Marina Pez Vela

Marina Pez Vela offers 100 concrete "wet" floating slips with a depth of 14 feet, able able to accommodate Yachts up to 200 ft. Once completed, the Marina is projected to have 300 of these slips with such capacity.

The marina also offers Dry Storage for Yachts up to 40 ft. in their Dry Rack storage operation, this is an under roof storage system using a huge forklift to safely lift your boat and place it in it’s dry rack. The marina also offers a 70 ton travel-lift as part of their maintenance and repair facility.

Marina Pez Vela is a first class facility with several amazing dining options along with a large variety of up-scale shops and activities.  When completed the marina will also have a high-end boutique hotel and aprox. 100 condo units available for sale. Quepos and Manuel Antonio are pleased to have this wonderful new Marina and hotel available for our friends and clients.