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From the curling waves of the Pacific coast, the sight of spectacular volcanoes and verdant rain forests, to the soft white sands of the Caribbean coast, Costa Rica's natural beauty has something for everyone,  Majestic mountains, abundant wildlife, scenic beaches, and the friendliest, happiest people you will ever find are just a few of the reasons that more and more travelers are choosing Costa Rica as their destination for investment, retirement and vacation.

Here are some other facts that make this less than 20,000 square miles piece of paradise a truly unique country.


The most obvious reason is the climate. People are tired of freezing winters, scorching summers and the high utility bills that go with them. In Costa Rica we have only two seasons, dry and rainy, both with an abundance of sunshine. We rarely need air conditioning and NEVER need heat. Costa Rica has more winter sunshine than Hawaii or Florida and fewer people. The average annual temperatures range from 31.7°C (89°F) on the coast to 16.7°C (62°F) inland. The rainy or green season lasts from May to December with noticeably drier days during the rest of the year.

Rugged highlands are found throughout most of the country, ranging from approximately 1,000 to 2,000 meters (3,000 to 6,000 feet above sea level). The country has a relatively long coastline in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, as well as a number of rivers and streams that attract specialist kayakers and rafters from all over the world.


There is a reason why Ticos are called "the happiest people on earth". This little country has been a solid democracy for almost 160 years, 63 of which have been completely military free, since the formal abolition of the army in 1948.  Ever since, the nation's resources have been dedicated to education, health and environmental protection; In fact, there is a total of 161 National Parks, Reserves and Refuges that encompass nearly 26% of the country's total area. 

Due to Costa Rica's inexpensive medical care, affordable housing, secure property rights, healthy investment atmosphere, excellent transportation and communication networks, and abundance of activities with which to stay busy and happy, thousands of foreigners have made Costa Rica their Home, Work Place and Playground.

  • Costa Rican law affords the same legal protections to foreign property owners as it does to citizens.
  • Favorable tax system: there are no capital gains taxes on the sale of property, and property tax rates are substantially lower than in North America.
  • Costa Rica, a democracy for over 100 years, is a model of political stability and is often referred to as the 'Switzerland of the Americas.' Cost Rica was the first country in the world to constitutionally abolish its army (1948).
  • Living standards, medical care, and education levels are the highest in the region; Costa Rica has a 96% literacy rate.
  • High education levels, political and economic stability, and a strong tourism industry has attracted sizable foreign investment, including GlaxoSmithKline, Intel, Proctor & Gamble and Microsoft to name a few.